Nurture a Colorful Garden

Nurture a Colorful Garden

Come shop our selection of local perennials

Perennials are the perfect plant of choice to add to your garden. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, they also regrow yearly, protect your soil and are easy to maintain. Peterson Greenhouse LLC offers a large selection of local perennials to choose from in Iron River, WI. We can help you select the right ones for your garden. Count on us to exceed your expectations every step of the way with our customer service. Stop by and check out our selection of local perennials.

Benefits of adding perennials in your flower bed

If you're looking for flowers that don't require much maintenance, perennials are the perfect choice. Perennials maintain their greenery all season until they die in the winter. They then will regrow in the spring and summer. Some benefits of adding perennials to your flower beds include:

  • Requiring less yearly maintenance
  • Giving nutrients to surrounding plants
  • Protecting soil from disease and erosion

If you're ready to take advantage of these benefits, take home a beautiful perennial from our greenhouse today.